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04 August 2009 @ 07:27 pm
Aced my English class.
I have my driver's test this weekend. (Cross your fingers)
July= shit storms of craziness and glee, (I can't decide which of such has been involved in my life more), but I'm actually glad this summer is a coming to a halt.
Sorry therapeutic thoughts, but I've been busy :(

I went swimming today, I've been getting tanner. I'm going to try to go everyday while I can and loose weight (Just five or ten pounds). I decided to eat sweets once a weekend for now, and when the autumn comes...even though I'll be driving, if I just need to go somewhere nearby I will take my bike. I have stronger mid-year resolutions I think, just because progress has allowed me to have hope. However, I still would not mind a coffee outing with a friend (hint) I miss everybody.
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28 June 2009 @ 07:09 pm
Has it truly been a month since I wrote in this?
Am I really turning 19? My goodness, time goes by quick…
I saw Justin and Andrew graduate with Diane, and was in a photo of people I don’t really know. All of Diane and Justin’s friends, basically. I also witnessed a tornado, while clutching my pumpkin grande in my hand at America’s Best coffee and watched all the umbrellas in the outdoor cafe area get swept away. The winds were very powerful, and I was super wet as shit by attempting to run to Diane’s car in the flooding rain.
(Oh, and due to these storms, Justin’s untitled club house is no more. Tear. I really wanted to commandeer that daisy bean bag he had.)
Also saw Up, twice! First with John, secondly with Justin and la familia in 3-D. It was contestable candidate of my favorite Pixar movie, next to Toy Story, of course! I teared up about 3 times, lame! XD
(This is just what I remember. None of this is in order of my life.)

The beginning of June mostly, inaugurated with a visit to my grandmothers and slaving away at my computer desk writing papers of allll sortz
The trip itself was good. Exhausting, but nice! I bought a little something for everyone at an antique shop.
I bought China for Deana and John, a Latin, bohemian-printed, egg-shaped pot for Diane, a 60’s Holland printed plate of a deer in a forest, with a dark watercolor backdrop, a vintage spoon with a dangling golden gate bridge San Francisco charm, and Doris Day record for Andrea!
Deana and I really want to spend a day in Austin, super soon, she bought ‘The Prophet’ for me by, Kahlil Gibran, which was very thoughtful and cool of her. I also bought myself some nice clothes from thrift stores and such.
Other than spending hours browsing in antique shops, I saw my step mother and brothers, which is always very fun. We went to McAllen and watched the food network together, a lot.
My grandmother took me practice driving a lot, and I helped her around the house and just went out to eat with the family frequently. It was nice seeing my godmother and grandpa.

When I arrived home from El Rio Grande Valley, I had tons of fun spending time with my Johnny Boy.
We shared a sundae, watched tons of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and delightfully meandered in Rose Park’s, I have no idea what we will do tomorrow. I’m excited
In between such, I have had brief ‘catch up’ fun with various folk. It’s quite nice!

Earlier this week, I been hanging out with Celina. We were going to go swimming last week, but I couldn’t find my swim suit. But we had fun watching Baby Mama and eating fruit salad, gabbing away like the “grrr” friends we are. Her and Eric Peterson have been going out. They seem like a cute pair, the following day we went to see Jenny Lewis!
It was fun, we first went by West Elm in Dallas and ate at this very hip Italian restaurant, I couldn’t remember the name of. The furnishing, lighting and entire atmosphere was so cool, though our Pizza was mediocre and expensive. They had complimentary gummy bears, which was kind of strange but whatev.
Anyhow! We had quite the trouble finding a parking space at the Granada, but we found one eventually.
The band that opened was “Heartless Bastards”, whom were okay, not as energetic but had a nice sound. Jenny Lewis was phenomenal though! It took awhile for the set, but it was worth my heel pains and sweat. Celina gave me back massages when I became tired, and not to mention Jenny Lewis GOT IN MY FUCKING FACE making eye contact for about a minute! I was in the overlapping first/second row and she kneeled to the audience and with her eyes fixed on me for a bit. My heart dropped.
Ms. Lewis was drunk but charming in her very country chic daisy dukes, (which exposed some ass cheek, not sure how I feel about that!) and soulful voice singing away her songs. Managing to still vocally soar through her notes, and even play the occasional keys and guitar. Jonthon Rice and her, looked very nice together.

This weekend so far had been very fun as well, Thursday Nick came over and we hung out and watched Captain EO and read bad fan fiction for our shits and kicks. Friday I saw Asha!!!!!! And Justin and we went to Nara’s, I had a Nara Caesar Salad with Raspberry Lemonade and did some chocolate mint hookah with the two. It was too fun talking with them, Asha was also sporting a lovely pixie haircut, how I missed her so!

Yesterday, my dad came by early! It was cool, I cleaned the house and got ready the fastest I ever have hahah and he picked me up, complimented the house he had not seen, and we went to eat at Splendid China. Then we went by the DFW airport to drop some Orange Chicken and Fried Rice for Matt, afterward we went by Target and I picked out the bike he bought me!!! (Early birthday), and he pumped it for me at a 7’11 before we returned home. I had a trail mix bag prepared for him, since he’s such a adamant hiker. I made him, in my modest opinion, my best card yet.
I bought this cool blue and white lined paper from Michaels (the lines were jagged, much like tree bark), and drew this bear with a very 50’s looking hat and pipe and pasted some letters that read, ‘Hey there Papa Bear! Happy Father’s Day!’ I thought it was clever, and pertained to his woodsy interest.

Other than that birthday surprise, I signed up for my classes and may have a delayed payment for them as my birthday gift, but other than I’m quite complacent for I HAVE A FUCKING BIKE NOW!!!!! :D
But yeah, driving has been more prevalent and since I have to complete my test before September anyway, I can whole heartedly assure my place ON CAMPUS by the autumn, I can’t wait.
It’s very nice, it’s a decent sized lavender Magna bike. It has multiple gears to switch for street and trail terrain. I want to get a basket for it hahah

This morning I awoke from a text message from Justin to bike ride, he came over around noon, have me pointers on my Beatles paper, which was nice of him. Then, we rode out to the park behind my sub division and sat around and talked about various things.
I almost fainted uphill because of the extreme heat, and not having eaten much. I was getting very weary, and light headed. It was so oddly sudden, I felt l was having quite the head rush, so we had to stop for a few minutes in the shade, so I could collect myself. I believe it was 103 degrees outside at the time being. I hadn’t sweat so much in awhile, it was the sweat that made every bit of my clothes perspiring adhesives.

We returned to my house fine, watching Strangers with Candy and made fun of internet adverts, since our friendship consists of those activities.

Nothin’ planned for tonight, I’ll just kick back and try to write.
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29 May 2009 @ 11:02 am
First a queen ant fire bite, now I have chiggers. I think I’m going to veer clear from nature for now….
I have been padding myself with hydrocortisone, Vaseline and some prescribed lotion as well as Benadryl.
I know usually the welts stay for about 2 weeks but I’ve herd stories of people having them for months…I hope it doesn’t stay that long.
At first, I thought I may have had poison oak, but I don’t have a rash…more bites that are just aligned terribly.

I was bit whilst hanging out with Diane, Yvonne and Justin in his clubhouse, I didn’t feel it at the time but later that night I was absent mindedly scratching myself than thought “Oh those must be mosquito bites” and but some cortisone crème on there…but my did they spread get so so red.

Anyway, Justin’s club house was cute, it reminded me some of 1919 with the obvious thrift store furnishings appeal haha
The house itself are recycled wooden fence boards with spray paint adorned over it, and a leaky rubberish coverlet for the roof. It was leaky since it had been raining a lot this week.
hahah and we just talked about a lot of stuff. It was great to get my mind off certain things but I do wish I brought some spray. I really didn’t expect his clubhouse to be in the middle of nowhere though. I felt like I was in a lame 'quirky indie' movie. We even herd the train pass by in the middle of our conversations haha

Class just started this week, I’m grating my brain for ideas for a generic essay topics….such as “Write about a good or bad experience that has affected your life” ugh. And then write about my writing process which will be easier to write about….but still.
I’ve been reading my textbook as well as ‘The Elements of Style’ book that Sara lend me a long time ago.
It’s been very helpful to me.

Last week, my step dad came from Iraq Friday. This week he has took my brother to a car dealership, so that means…in the next few days I’ll have my car back! Sweet. I can’t wait to already be so close to get my license. It has been driving me bonkers all year!
Oh, and there’s going to a ‘Welcome Home Steve’ party tomorrow and I haven’t the energy from my medicine to clean the house. They told me not to worry but urgh
At least I see Deana! Speaking of which, I bought vinyl with her awhile back, I have now the records of:
Joni Mitchell
Joan Baez
Melanie Safka
Some Ye-Ye 60’s Chanson pop record
Book of Love
The B-5’2s hahah
All for 14 dollars! (Big sale at Enertainmart, I’m a little bummed I didn’t run into Adam but it’s all good.)
We then afterwards began to get coffee and talked about tons of things, I drew her a card of a still from ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ only I just drew Chanel sunglasses on Scarlett Johansson’s character, affixing a dollar sign medallion on Natalie Portman’s character haha. She loved it and framed it, which made me feel goood.

A little before the my mom picked up Steve we went to Ross and I found some cool things, that weekend I went Marshalls and ran into Lauren love! So that made me feel a lot better.
Things purchased have been everything to Owl stickers, Wizard of Oz stickers, Orange wedged heel sandals, Daisy retro scarf, Green and Yellow bedspread (One side is striped and the other is floral), skinny light blue jeans, and a black and white plaid 50’s styled dress.
That weekend and this week almost felt like old times…Me, Diane, Yvonne, Justin and Tatiyana were all hanging outside the ABC parking lot and laughed for hours, Diane managed to get me a Vivian Girls set list while she was in Austin! She also made a very adorable collage and poem. Monday I hung out with Nick and we watched and made fun of modern lame pulp movie adaptations, drew pictures, and I helped him paint John Lennon for one of his classes. So many reunions!
Katie invited me to Chelsea’s 22th birthday too, so that will be swelllll
I love the Summer, sometimes.

As far as this week goes, I rented Vicky Cristina Barcelona the other day and loved it. I watched it with John again yesterday and he’s like “this is such a chick flick, this is one of the better recent Woody Allen movie though” hahah I love Woody Allen so much, it’s hard for me to see him making something bad. (Although, I herd, Match point and Scoop were terrible)
I also saw Stark Trek last week!

The action scenes itself were just very epic, I really liked the plot, the acting was pretty good too. There are times it seemed like it was almost a self parody at times? I'm not really much of a Star Trek fan but certain scenes as far as the dialogue is concerned was hard to distinguish as serious or funny. I know there are moments they meant to be funny like, “ARE YOU VULCAN SERIOUS?”

And they even have the ominous, opera, sci-fi, typical track for pulsing moments in the movie that I can say kept to the campiness feel of sci-fi. The movie ended me with a childish batch o' smiles and compelled to buy a Spock plush...speaking of which, uh
I think I have a thing for Spock now, I feel lame because that actor doesn’t do much for me so.
Maybe, I am attracted to pointed ears and bowl cuts? hahah
I want to go as Stark Trek couple for Halloween!

I’m getting tired anyway. Will update this later. Hopefully I won't die from eggs being planted in me or something of the like ha.

Photos from the Club House:

Justin and I, walking to the club house from the train.

Diane and Yvonne, legendary cohorts. Their bffl cred rivals Michelle Obama and Oprah times a million.

Diane, and I.
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13 May 2009 @ 02:45 pm
I’m such a lazy human being.
It’s been, what, 2 weeks?
Well anyway.

That weekend following my Grandma leaving town…that ant bite was infact a Queen Fire Ant Bite. Yeah, I fucked with the boss! So I had to go to a clinic and get it popped. But it grew back twice! So I had to pop it myself a few times, try to drain any fluids. Thankfully it wasn’t too disinfected due to it‘s liquid color and how I didn‘t fall to too terrible of symptoms anyway….I was afraid for awhile I may have has Staff infection again for awhile. (I had it when I was 8, it blew really hard.) the skin is no inflated was kind of bleeding a lot at first, but now it looks scabish.

Anyway, sorry reader for such grotesque details…..
After I went to that clinic that day, me and John went to watch The Soloist. It was good, not amazing…it had realistically ambiguous ending as well as real homeless people to shoot for sequences where Jamie Fox’s character came from (Opposed to actors in make up and rags) which I can respect, however the storyline was kind of disjointed but, I think having interchanging perspectives in film can do that.
I saw Let The Right One In finally, too! .Best vampire movie ever…
The plot may sound fan fiction-ey, girl meets boy, boy has is a misfit and the girl turns out to be a vampire,
But this is really really a remarkable tragic, and genuinely haunting story.
Just the low saturation of the movie, and icy Swedish backdrop kind invokes such a eerie feeling….
The acting was amazing too! I recommend everyone to go watch it.

Other than that, I received my English book in the mail finally! And I plan to take to those lessons in advance before class. So I just know wassssup.

Last weekend I actually convinced my mom to spend the night it was John’s, it was great. We watched Spanish dubbed kung, baked chocolate chip cookiessss and cuddled to 70’s hits and sang along occasionally. We left somewhat early around 9 after having cereal together, he wants to take me out to eat next time we hang out <3 He loved his anniversary gift, he’s still working on getting one for me :]
The other day we played this Star Wars rpg computer game and I had this rogue character that looked like Rhianna lolsies
And then watched this BBCA Gordon Ramsey double hour goodness hahahaha

But after getting home from my sleepover, I saw Nick and helped him pick out an outfit at Goodwill since he’s going to play the Gatekeeper for Wizard Of Oz. I helped him find some bright green pants and giant bear slippers hahahahha and other articles of clothes purely a cartoonish green.
I bought myself these black boots, that John now calls my “diva boots” this Japanese painting on a wooden frame of a rural town, and this David Bowie Vinyl all for a cumulatively 8 dollars!
Then after such, we had some Chinese food and watched Babar’s cute origins and epic quests (With heavy imperialist overtones, sw33t!!) and shitty sequels to Children of the Corn on sci-fi.
Annnnnd theeeen I rented Chinatown but never had the chance to watch it :/ had myself a soy philly cheese stake at Donny’s again. Then Celina called me to hang out, and my mom dropped me off while we were out.

I met her friend Christian and Molly, and we all watched Sarah Silverman and talked about various topics such as bestiality and erm, anime porn/hentai to the latest, hippest shows comin’ to town.
Twas’ fun.

On mother’s day, we went out to Palios and looked at gardening and landscaping supplies. We hope to get baby foliage for our yards and daises, not sure what other flowers??
Also, I had my mom watch Persepolis with me because it’s amazing.

Tonight I’m going to hang out with my aunt and am also excited about ANTM season finale hahahahaha Imsolame
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29 April 2009 @ 08:23 pm
I have a closest fit for nation. So much clothes I’ve been given and bargained/bartered for this past week. Oh my goodness.
Everything from Iranian boho tops, tinseled (Which is my favorite word) with all sorts of beads and textile; To white Sun dresses. I bough some more nice décor for my room; Such as a glitter gold apple, a daisy shaped orange floating candle, this wooden frame board (With a gorgeous vintage design that looks like Lisa Rupp would be showing off etc.) I also found a Mates of State c.d!!!! and this retro ‘How to speak/and write in Japanese’ manual! I can’t believe the deals.

I went out to eat so much with my family, some nice Mexican food at Estellas, a vegetarian Philly Cheese Stake at this Philly Cheese Stake café, and then my grandma can’t stop making tortillas, enchiladas, sopapillas and other Mexican dishes. She turned 75 so, she and Deana went out thrifting and eating which explains how I received so much stuff. (Including Deana’s tons of clothes that didn’t fit her any more, and my grandma and mom found me so much stuff from these garage sales they were at last weekend.)

Her party was fun, it was at Deana’s and the family would all recap random memories together when we were young, Mexican food and alcohol was in the air haha. My family are some hilarious and always just so effervescent bunch to around. Moments where you can’t even hear you own laughter amid everyone else’s chain mirth hahah it’s one of the best feeling in the world. I miss having nights like that, more than I can every truly even try to articulate…

Justin came over yesterday we just chatted around and he’s happy to be in Timberview again. He had breakfast with the girl he likes, and he looks like such a man now. (I think it’s the facial hair and less hair.) Before his hair was Zac Efron on crack, to Spock Rock nonsense, to Max Fisher to well. Looks a lot like Ryan. I’m happy for him.

Other than that, I saw my boyfriend we just talked about post-rock and watched Current TV.
SO ADDICTIVE. I never knew such a channel could keep me still for so long! (It was the reason why I decided to tweet, aaaaaaaah I’m a lame dame! http://twitter.com/GollySierra )

Anyway. Onto something more dear to me, my one year anniversary with John will be in a few days….I know I need to get my book ordered first, maybe ensure any other money for any other complication…
But I do want to take him on the train, the water gardens, the art museums (All of this is free on Sunday!) and maybe go out to eat at Tokyo Café or Tillman’s Roadhouse? (He’s such a carnie! I could always order the macaroni.) Those places have such good reviews. I think he’d love them, I never been to Tokyo Café but Tillman’s is the classiest roadhouse ever.
All I know, reflecting on this year, as cliché as hell it may be to say haahha I’m glad he stuck with me “through thick and thin”. Everyday I am still learning about him as well as he learning about me. He means so much to me, another cliché since I guess Anniversaries do this to me?? But yes, he makes me want to be a better person. Thing have been rough for us, our schedules always been kind of weird with me in a rut and my boyfriend a busy busy person. (5 classes and a job) he does get stressed and tired easily. I can’t wait for the brief time where we won’t be in school. We’ll spend more time together, feeling happier and with just less worries period!! (God, last summer was amazing. Christmas break was wonderful.)

On the down side…having to keep my driving regiment with my brother is tough. I don’t know how much he could take me practice. I really wonder if I should just try to look for a weekend job. Once more, (Despite my bad luck) and purchase those extra driving times. Urgh, this shit needs to get speed up!

My mom got in a accident so, 1,000 were put on our insurance. She fucked up her bumper while this van sped by as she backed up. It’s unfortunate, but it surely could’ve been worse. It has been making matters more trial some. But we’re going to get out of it. This shit seems to happen every part of a year I notice hahah around this time last year it was Credit Card identity theft. I don’t like recollecting and categorizing time periods, as the shit times but my. It happens.
Hahah such a mood swing of a blog, whatcaniiisaaaaay? It’s concurrence of a pickle. That doesn’t taste too bad. What a bad analogy XD
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20 April 2009 @ 02:00 pm
I can’t stop going to Family Video. This time I rented Milk and Half Nelson. Milk made me cry a lot. It was so poignant but still a empowering political film! Gus Van Sant did it againnnn
Diego Luna I actually thought was the cutest, I know everyone is all about Emile Hersh and James Franco but Diego Luna has an adorable Latin accent, and the cutest bearded face ever :]
Last week, I watched Persepolis, which was great and as I told a few folks…made me more intrigued to Czech out more Iranian cinema. I feel so uncultured when I get on Wikipedia baahshdygsffd’
I’m going to be so cultured one day, I won’t even have friendddds! People will be so impressed.

But yeah, anyway…I finished my driving times & made a big uh-oh by turning into the wrong lane on my test and failed.
I plan to re-take within these next 2 weeks after practicing a lot. And It’ll be more ballsy than a Jean Claude Van Damme montage only with, uh…driving. I was feeling awful at first but Yvonne made me feel a lot better on the phone. As far as cheering up goes, I have compensation of my failure ways; For I have registered for English Comp in the summer! FINALLY I’LL GET GOINGGG!!!!

Oh, and I received a pixie hair cut Monday! A lot of people told me they liked it. I think I actually look my age now, my hair frames my bone structure and facial features better period. It may not take that long to style but my, can it get fucked up easily in humidity….

Then later that week I hung out with John we watched some episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, it was some pretty cool steam punk anime. Which I kind of like, but still don’t know much about…He started to feel ill so I went home afterward.

Yesterday my grandma came to town! She’s turning 76 this week! So I can’t wait for the next family gathering. I know Deana and my grandma wanted to go shopping and maybe go to some nice parks or just cool spots downtown. I love the city more than any where else.

Justin and I walked around some field by my house and my shoes got very muddy, so I took quite awhile to clean those…we mainly just explored tunnels with tagging of obsolete gangs. And sat around trees n’shit. Hahah just kidding, it’s ok. It doesn’t feel scenic with the endless slew of litter and obvious man made ‘nature region’ construction supplies lying everywhere. Oh well.
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13 April 2009 @ 04:14 pm
I disgust myself but I do plan on getting a beret for Bella.

I would never dress her up otherwise, but after glimpsing at this…how can I not????

I rented Peresopolis, Disco Pigs, The Brown Bunny and the Strangers With Candy movie for 3 dollars or so at Family Video. Awesommme, Disco Pigs was good. Just scratched so I only got through almost half of it. There were many times the accents and slang combined made the general dialogue hard…but it twas’ not bad. Cillian Murphy plays crazy folk well.

Easter was ok. I had this nice ‘How to do simple origami’ book! And the pictures/crafts are very very cute. I would love to shoot a little short stop motion movie using some! And oriental styled cardstock.
I can’t wait to craft with that.
Then I hung out with John and we watched the Strangers with Candy movie gah, I miss that show so much.

I might go for a walk with Celina tonight, yayayayayyayaya

I hope I do well on my express way driving tomorrow. Cross your fingers.
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09 April 2009 @ 06:19 pm
It had to be in one of those caves…. least I can do is count it down between some dusty mesas, it’s tall and russet body is like that of an obelisk after all. I have my hands in circles…I didn’t want to see a thing, no I couldn’t. I swear. They were all. circles.
Abreast tangerine and magenta. I minced the shedding white with my fingers, disheveled flakes .
The head of the serpent hissed at me roughly lastly, more tangerine and magenta circles still spilled.
Circles as limpid as the sun. Pearly fangs stilled by hands, I acquire the slide of anything in liquid, of granules or gaseous smog even! I’ll seize them into the mason jar it goes! The serpent’s corpse is now nothing but white white disheveled flakes.
I told father I would get ‘em, after all. You keep to your guns, now.
I can’t help but cower to the mesas and the caves though, I can’t help but cower of the circles......
09 April 2009 @ 06:18 pm

I need a better best friend.
05 April 2009 @ 04:28 pm
This week hasn’t been too horrible.

I finally saw John’s new town home. It’s quite nice, really! It’s small, but charming…the backyard leads to a little creek around a several tall trees.

While lounging about in his house; We just watched MSNBC, shared ice cream and… uh cuddled, the usual docketttt! Hahah but I loveeeee it. Apparently he’s going to put Pokemon Platinum on my DS!

Oh em gee! XD I’m such a child.

Despite my childish likings, I felt very confident in my last driver’s practice!

I moderated my speed well, and time at stop signs. I picked up my turns well too (3 Point, or U Turns) and I drove in a pretty straight direction, and have been getting a lot better with changing lanes and make steady transitions to post/stop lights. I just need to keep all these techniques and keep myself unruffled and focused in shit traffic! That’s the only thing I still really get nervous about. Which is something I hope I get over ASAP.

I can’t wait to start driving. I think I am still going to register for an online class, since I am due for some visits to the family this summer for a week. Afterward, I’ll begin looking for a part time job.

Matt has been taking me out to driving practice here and there, not enough however. I just want my car back already. That would make my life so much easier urgh.

Earlier last week I went to Celina's and we ate pizza and caught up in general. Justin texted me and since Celina wanted to meet him since he recently added her on Myspace he and Austin came over. They were kind of annoying, but whatever. Well, The Latter was. Incessant "Awh man I wish there was some shit to do tonight" over and over really took a toll of our patience.

On a better note, I for filled my desires of crafting it up! I went to Le Deana and David’s house, and talked to my adorable cousins about animals and card making. Cuen writes very well and draws fairly well too!

She’s 7 and reads on a 8th grade level!

She was telling me how The Tale of Despereaux didn’t adapt well in a movie and how the book was so much better. She’s so cuteeeee, I sometimes believe I have more fun talking to her than I do with my own peers. So mannerly, bright and animated. You don’t come across people with all of those qualities often.

I can’t believe how well she writes, honestly! She uses proper grammar, emboldens her words for emotional emphasis and even can read it with the same emphasis (She’s been doing that since she’s 5) and I think it’s funny on top that she resembles Matilda.

I had tons of Fun with Deana, we exchanged art and fashion websites, had Chinese food and can never hold a solid conversation hahaha. I got the number and links to Van Dittahavong for Yvonne and her journalist profile/interview/feature project! He’s a very talented local Dallas photographer, he’s shot the family in very sophisticated, editorial looking pictures. Enough as to be a candidate for a fashion magazine IMO.

Deana made a very cool Katt Williams card of him pointing with a smirk, and pasted the picture she printed out onto this very 70’s floral Jefferson-esque backdrop hahahah. She was going to make a bubble cut out of him talking, saying something like “Youze a mufah fuckin gangsta”

She has the coolest material of card stock, I’m not even joshin’. She gets most of her material in hole in the wall art stores in North Arlington and Dallas. As soon as I get money, I’m going to save some up and we’re going a real art spree thus, conduct the most boss fucking art fest. We are going to hang out again, Friday! Hopefully Yvonne and John can come and hang out with us.

All I did with my cards was draw my bf and the family and the doggg with flower stickers and made foamy white clouds on the paper. It was cute, I want to pull a Henry Darger though. I plan on getting some old Asian wallpaper print and I have some tracing paper and I can just cute out cool rice paper straw-y looking ancient boats, and a dragon looking kraken or something; During a storm of intricate tidal waves too hahah, but somehow use bright colors to make it look cute. (Like, Henry Darger!) And make the voyagers all children IDK.

Yesterday, all I drew was some Shel Silverstein inspired coppice/shrubbery and fruits on vines entangling a girl turning into a plant. Then drew more copies of “Get Whale” cards.

I( had more inspiration from picking out old children’s books at different garage sales.

Yvonne and Justin came over to craft with me too. I got all my mom’s bins of stamps, colors and pens. And some left over paper I had to make things. Yvonne made a cool Bat for Lashes collage and Justin doodled an array of things.

That morning before I hung out with those two, I got more nice blouses and dresses yesterday, one garage sale was for Breast Cancer Awareness which, I thought was cool.

Then ate at Lubys with the family. I went to the spa for some lady rejuvenation and ate at Palio’s. I was going to have a friend over but they canceled on me. It’s already late in the afternoon though, so whatever. I’ll probably spend it watching Current TV or trying to finish Yvonne’s mix.

I can’t wait till Friday gah
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